Selected Works

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About the show

Visual and Aural communications are the basis of nearly all our interactions. Combining the visual with the aural, changes and enhances our visualisation.  Visual Aural is a show that uses abstract line drawings by Abhijit Pathak and figurative drawings by Rajesh Srivastava to enhance our interaction and understanding of the art we see with the help of aural cues and sounds. Visible and audible elements combine to trigger our minds to use memories and past experiences to perceive and create a mental image, defining what we witness. The sounds of Chandni Chowk to the din of  Souq’s of the Middle East create an atmosphere that compliments the visual art that is presented. A live drawing session with an interaction with the artists will be give a unique perspective to the viewer.

Artist Quotes

“Varanasi played an important role in developing the impressions I carry today. Music and the sounds of my surroundings have been a major influence in my creative process, perceiving, balancing the chaotic and the serene. Delhi brought me into contact with a city of 18 million people, a vast urban sprawl bereft of nature. It was deeply disturbing, but it also forced me to radically alter the way I perceived the reality around me. Adding sound as a new dimension to my artwork was a natural progression.

The urge to create work in multiple dimensions has always been there. They enhance the capability of the artist to communicate with the audience and experiment with various techniques.  The audience can also interact with the artwork in new ways. I believe this makes my art more evocative and bold and allows me to push the boundaries. Hence the use of sound with visual works in this series of work was important.  Here I have created abstract Line drawings, basic elements of most art forms representing emotions and experiences. The sound of Chandni Chowk represents what I hear around me.”



“Being an introvert, I am instinctive and react to my surroundings and the people in it. My portraiture has these elements and impressions in them.  I combine my figurative/realism works with abstraction. A brief glimpse into the mind of an artist is what abstraction gives to the audience.

I have travelled extensively in the Middle East.  I trace my own ancestry to the area and the Kurdish Region there. You can see the influences in my works. For me, the interpretation is more cultural than religious. There is a tinge of a revolutionary in me. Akin to the struggles of the Kurdish people, which I identify with. The treatment of women and the lives they lead in the Middle East is another key theme that I explore.  The works I create will always have a socio-political message. I am interested in exploring the relationship between art, culture and politics further. Adding sound to what I create makes the experience more real and the imagination more vivid for the viewer.”



Installation view

In the Media