About Us

A contemporary art gallery established in 2016, Art Explore strives to bring artworks that are relevant and ┬ácompelling. Our endeavour is to appeal to the viewers, collectors, and art enthusiasts by presenting well researched and relatable works that can be enjoyed and understood. A key element for us is to create a strong curatorial direction bringing to the forefront handpicked masters, mid-career, and upcoming artists. We have been quick to embrace new media, including 3D and Augmented Reality and represent new communication tools used by today’s artists. A vibrant social media presence provides accessibility and multiple platforms for exposure for the artworks and its creators. ┬áSome of the shows we have created and produced are proof of how we perceive and think. Versatile in our choices, single minded in our focus we hope to bring newer and more exciting art and artists to our viewers and collectors in the near future.

The Gallery

Art Explore
23, Lakeside,
Hauz Khas Village,
New Delhi 110016.

Open Monday to Friday, 10:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Phone : +91-9709555055

For general enquires email us at info@artexplore.in