Tribhuvan Deo

Tribhuvan Deo is an artist, who has a strong interest in contemporary and indigenous art. A passionate mountain-biker, he finds inspiration in the sparely populated hillsides of Ladakh, Lahaul and Spiti Valley’s. The raw beauty of the mountains and the age-old wisdom they possess, inspires Deo to pick up his brush and paint, scenes drenched in tertiary shades of browns and blacks, earth reds and skies bleached of blue. He also travels to Odisha, where the slow-moving Brahmaputra makes patterns on the alluvial soil that then find expression on canvas or handmade paper. A mid-career artist, Deo is working towards a solo exhibition and book that will catalogue the various stages of his artistic career.


1992 – BFA, Patna University.


2009 – East Village, Project 88.

2007 – Regional Race Bodhi Art Gallery, Delhi (curated by Subodh Gupta).

2017 Group show at the India Habitat Centre.

Signature of Diversity.