Bipin Kumar

Bipin Kumar is a painter whose complex journey has fueled his art. He began painting at an early age and went on to study art at in Patna and then Delhi college of arts and crafts. His approach at the time was to render very fine, largely monochromatic forms. However, with a partial loss of sight, his works became excessively colourful and tactile. His series in dry pastel on paper displays a command over line and colour, capturing the strokes and energy of a maestro. His primary concern is the environment and the spirituality attached to it. Stylized depictions of trees, water bodies and divine figures like Christ and Buddha, dominate his artwork. Very often the forms emerge out of a labyrinth of strokes and forms. Bipin Kumar is yet to scale the zenith of his career as an artist and has an immense growth potential.


1967: Born in Munger Bihar.

1988: B.F.A from College Of Arts And Crafts Patna.

1992: M.F.A From College Of Arts And Crafts Delhi.


His works has been exhibited in National Exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi. 3RD and 6th Biennale at Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal. Collections: Many of his works are with Lalit Kala Academi, private galleries, corporate houses and private collectors in India and internationally.